This Site

This is a long running project of mine to have a personal online presence of some sort that's not tied to some other entity, corporatation, overlord, etc.

The content of this site serves as a simple outlet for artistic expression, a way to share things with friends and family, and also as a resumé of sorts.

Please don't take anything on this site too seriously. (READ: I don't need your hate mail.)


I'm a jack-of-all-trades type guy with a family and a love for the simple things in life.

I'd mention hobbies, but being a daddy pretty much takes up all my free time. But I do enjoy every minute of bike riding, Lego building, Signing Time, wagon pulling, playing in the park, and making Mommy mad.

I am currently professionally involved in webmastering, web design, computer/laptop repair, computer building, smartphone repair, network administration, graphic design, video production, computer simulation, office administration, accounting, and human resources.