I often compulsively pick up litter. I do it for the simple reason that I don't want to look at it and that the easiest solution is to simply pick it up.

I get so mad when I see it in my neighborhood or at the park, worse even when I witness a litterer in action.

Something for us to think about, is that humans have always littered and that the only thing that has changed is **what** the litter is.

Ancient people tossed down their used wine jars or dumped their broken junk into roadside ditches for modern archaelogists and anthropologists to find and study.

And not that long ago, it was glass bottles and tin cans, as shown in this classic Nancy comic. Litter management at the time consisted of the familiar "bottle deposits" and metal recycling. Later, you could make some good side money collecting aluminum cans.

All of that has seemed to disappear as government support for it has faltered and our corporate overlords have decided to package everything in cheap plastic and our drive-thru food habit leaves us with lots of worthless paper and plastic as well.

Remember the very first national litter campaign, with the crying "Native American"? That was sponsored in large part by Pepsi and Coca-cola. Why? To focus the litter blame on consumers and steer attention from the fact that they were no longer packaging with reusable glass bottles.

Just something to think about. Problems are never one-sided, and solutions are always complicated.