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Order of the Stick, webcomic:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, webcomic:

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Bill Mattison:

Michael Ward:


Clean Memphis, anti-blight/litter community activism:

I Love Memphis, blog:

Integrated Solutions, industrial robotics (cool stuff):

Memphis Zoo, best zoo around:

Playhouse on the Square, playhouse in Midtown:

Shelby Farms Park, best urban park in the world:


Ian's Shoelace Site, this will change your life:

Low End Mac, website for Mac users who aren't iSheep:

Mike's RPG Center, classic RPG reference site:

TV Fool, complete guide to optimizing broadcast reception:


Apple's somewhat secret Refurbished Store: Apple Refurbished and Clearance

Discount Tire Direct, the best place to buy tires:

Newegg, my favorite place to buy computer parts:

Stone Age Gamer, retro gaming supplier:

Software's MS-DOS Library, play DOS games in your browser: softwarelibrary_msdos_games

Malwarebytes, your best friend for cleaning up after Windows users:

Spybot - Search & Destroy, another great Windows malware tool: